Scenes from a Birthday

It was a beautiful April morning complete with songbirds, butterflies and hummingbirds zooming about. There was a bit of a cool front that could be felt in the breeze, making sitting under the sun even more enjoyable.  I could have anything I wanted for breakfast so I picked macaroni and cheese, of course. It was the most satisfying bowl I have had in a very longtime.

After phone calls and cards, a short walk by my favorite house with all the roses. There was a quick turtle rescue, the lil guy was removed from the middle of the road. We released him in the lake where he very quickly and happily scampered into the water and swam off.

Later that evening I was lovingly gifted a most delicious dinner of crab cakes, stuffed portobello mushrooms, asparagus (I love asparagus) and grilled eggplant topped with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar. My mouth is still watering. This dish needs to become a tradition.

An evening can end quickly after a filling meal like that. I drifted off to dreamland soon after we watched a  French horror film and I did some real nesting. Swept and mopped the whole house. There is a very important person coming at any moment. 



Anonymous Francesca said...

Big hug, Tera!

Monday, April 23, 2012  
Blogger Missa said...

Lovely Tera! A belated Happy Birthday to you! Exciting times ahead, it sounds like you're enjoying the calm before it all begins, as you should be :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012  

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