Fair and Warm

We went to the county fair last Friday and saw goats, cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and rabbits. Many had loving owners who were there sitting with them or nearby. There were carnival rides, games and funnel cake. Both my husband and I don't do well on carnival rides but share a great appreciation for livestock. While I love funnel cake, I just couldn't bring myself to line up for one. The aroma of the warm pastry on a cool evening in autumn was enough to thrill me.

When we arrived the sun was having it's last hour before turning in. The event had just opened for the day. We roamed among no crowds. We didn't stay too long because August was clutching me and seemed afraid. The music was loud.  While strolling the midway, for the last time, hugging the sling that was holding August, I spotted my beautiful husband waiting for me. It was a moment of complete gratitude. The purest I have ever felt.


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Saturday, October 13, 2012  

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