Pale Yellow Graces

Small graces bestowed upon me in the midst of chaos are never wasted. Despite how imperfect a day I might be having, finding that moment of bliss and beauty has the ability to make whatever was weighing on my mind pass. After a trying day with little good news, I entered the evening still distracted and agitated. I set foot in the kitchen, not in the best of moods, breaking a longstanding, personal rule.

My cast iron skillet needed a quick seasoning so I poured some olive oil into it and set the burner on high. In the process of whisking eggs to scramble, I reached for the heavy cream instead of the milk. I then poured the mixture into the overheated skillet. Exasperated over having maybe ruined my eggs I turned off the burner. That is when the happy accident occurred. As I quickly scrambled the eggs the shiny, black skillet showcased the pale, yellow creaminess of the eggs. It was a beautiful contrast. I worked quickly to avoid scorching my meal. I noticed how the temperature of the skillet ended up working well with what I was doing and the eggs were done after three simple folds of my spatula. They were so fluffy and actually quite exquisite. I saw that not a trace of them was left behind in the skillet. I slept well that night.

Picking up new habits....

"If a man moves confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
~H. D. Thoreau

This quote by Thoreau came into my head while on a walk today. It was incomplete and the part I remembered kept swimming in mind. I continued to go over and over it in my head as if it were a piece of stale chewing gum that I couldn't get going. Finally, after several minutes, I was able to abandon it. It was replaced with the thought that I am where I should be and enjoying every minute of it. The walk, a  new habit.

Let's go to the flea market...

I longed to hear a rooster crow, smell manure, pet a bunny and see some goats, so we headed for the flea market this weekend. It felt great to be around these animals. I was only able to shoot a few photos as there was much activity; many of the animals were going to new homes, others being fed and kept hydrated, some coming out of their cages just to get loved on. Time spent here was well worth it. My husband found a few clean vinyl gems and I got my chicken, bunny, goat, pony, puppy fix.


12th Day

Bidding farewell to the holidays and the southern winter. Soon we will be back north just in time for snow. Planning on a small cup of Mexican hot chocolate this evening to mark the 12th day of Christmas and end of the season. We'll lay the tree quietly to rest outside.

On New Year's Eve we enjoyed a pizza pie, again. It was much improved upon and even yummier than the previous one. That cozy meal was followed by fireworks, big and brilliant in the backyard. At midnight I toasted with sparkling cherry. My first alcohol free New Year's Eve since I was twelve.

Have been resting up and slowly gathering and organizing, preparing to take off again. I'll miss Texas, friends and family. However, I have come to love the excitement of new places, faces. Wishing you all a great year!


Got Hitched

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon in January,
time stood still. It was the 10th day of Christmas.


Back in town...

We spent a very short time in Austin this week, too short. It felt like the warmest December in decades when we were there but I loved it. On a beautiful, sunny day we sat in the sun and ate tacos and chalupas at Taco Shack. We were also able to dine at Cheko's where I picked up some tips on making carne asada. It was like I never left, it was like I had been gone forever, it is where I spent all of my adult life until now.

Traveling around I come upon Austin-esque places. Pittsburgh, PA, Bloomington, IN, parts of Indianapolis, IN and Baltimore, MD all contained a little corner that made me feel I was back in Austin. What makes Austin, Austin, are my friends and familiar faces. Every now and then, when in an "Austin place" I search the crowd and for a second think I recognize someone, just for a second.