Tonight, we dine...

My husband knows a lot about food, he knows how to wine and dine. One of our first evenings out together was to Parkside, a wonderful restaurant in Austin, TX, where the charged and stirring conversation that comes with the beginning of romance and courtship was amplified with the rousing flavors and textures of sensual foods. That entire afternoon was a slow dance with time, the present, the future... It was his last day in town and we didn't know when we'd see each other again or where everything was going, just that it was dreamy.

Dinner had been an exquisite combination of steak tartare, marrow bones with herb salad and oysters, oysters, oysters... One of the many thoughts at that meal was to hurry up and re-read M.F.K. Fisher first chance I got.  I did take her book off my shelf but don't remember if I read. Tonight, I wish I had the collection of her writing with me.

Today we headed out to Oklahoma City, as always, off without plans, prepared and open to anything. When I was pregnant I missed soft cheeses but more than that, I missed sushi. This evening I got my fill of sushi and more. I left the ordering to Jacob, for as much as I love sushi, I have always  lacked the patience to really learn about it become familiar with the names of the various pieces.  He did not disappoint. He surprised me by ordering special treats I have never had like an uni shooter with ponzu sauce and fatty tuna... Lately, having truly sybaritic food for the first time makes the song I've Got the World on a String play in my head. 

I have often heard that Uchi, in Austin, TX is one of the finest sushi restaurants {in all the land}. However, I have yet to experience Uchi, so, the sushi tonight is the best in all the land. 

Jacob's workday was rained out and became, what we call, a family day instead. We sat in a generous booth with room for August to sit safely and where she played quietly, checking in to see what we were eating now and then. A stolen day, a lucky lead on a sushi place, new memory made.


Blogger ♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

a stolen day?

and mfk fischer, huh?
my, my.
another connection, then... :)))

Wednesday, January 16, 2013  

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