Dreamy is...

I hug August, she hugs me back. That is joy!

Earlier this week I was mopping the kitchen floor and ended up on my knees scrubbing out a stubborn spot of pureed spinach, kiwi, peas. August was in the kitchen too, roaming about, babbling, book in hand.  We had been playing earlier and while she was content to hang out in the kitchen, I thought, why not do some cleaning up. All of a sudden, while I was listening for sounds like, "Mama, papa, baba or papi", and finishing up the spot, just before I got up, two tiny arms reached around my back and I felt a sweet lil baby rest her head against me. All I could think was, wow, August, you're real! That was dreamy!


Blogger moonshinejunkyard said...

ooooh that sounds like pure delight. i can't wait for things like that with my little toot. well i can wait but...dang that is sweet!

Friday, February 15, 2013  

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