August in March

August will be eleven months in four days. She is still such a baby right now, not a toddler just yet.  I cannot leave the room or she cries. We do everything together. She now plays at my feet no matter where we are. If she wakes up before I do, which is rare, she plays with my hair or entertains herself with the sheets or a piece of clothing. Even though she can practically run now, she does not leave my side.

Two weeks ago she started to climb on my back when I was on my stomach reading a book and she clutched my shirt as I gave her a mama monkey ride. She can hold on tight, so tight, in fact, that the pediatrician commented that she had never seen a baby hold on so tightly before and she had much strength.

Now that it is spring there are much flowers to see and sniff and last week we spent an hour looking at flowers outside a grocery store. Then we took a walk and sniffed the mountain laurel blooms hanging from the tree. The world is of great interest outdoors and indoors. Her eyes got big when I explained the refrigerator to her yesterday, then showed her the freezer and "cold".
What is exciting and brings me the most joy is her personality and watching it take shape as she becomes more of a little person. Her own little person.  If she likes a book she hugs the book and if she likes a particular page in the book she lets me know by kissing the page. Hugs and kisses happen with much frequency.  She sleeps through the night and my girl does not wake up before 9am, sometimes not before 11am.  We have teeth, five of them! Amazing is how I can carry 23lbs with one arm just as easily as I carried 13lbs for an indefinite amount of time. 



Blogger moonshinejunkyard said...

two peas in a pod, you two are! i love this update. what an amazing thing to birth a child and watch her grow and become herself. just blows my mind. she is so cute, with her kisses and hugs to show what she loves, i hope lucy does that at some point!

Saturday, March 23, 2013  

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