At my kitchen window sill sits a potted Easter lily. The scent of this lovely flower greets me each morning and raises my spirits no matter what sort of dreams I had or didn't have. I love how the stores are filled with flowers right now. The colors and scents so divine. These displays make me stop and sniff each time. Catching the smell of mountain laurel in the breeze as I walk is always a sure sign of spring. I even dream of this scent.

Pictures of August at the window in her playroom. I love her at the window looking out. I remember doing this most of all as a child. It is something I did quite often when I lived in Austin and had a backyard. There was something so very zen about staring off from a window. What you see when you are in the world is very different from what you see at a window looking into the world. Both points of view are necessary.  I love how she will stop in the middle of play and look out.

Juice, juice, juice! I have been juicing up a storm since last year but it's increased even more. My most recent discovery has been red cabbage, cucumber, ginger and pineapple. It makes a lovely purple drink that tastes nothing like red cabbage. This along with my new love for fizzy, kombucha drinks has me on a health-high lately. The giant bag of juicing carrots at Whole Foods is a great find.

Zoo! Take us to the zoo, get us to a petting zoo, quick! We read so much about horses, donkeys, roosters, lambs, elephants, giraffes... It is about time we try to se them again. We took August to the zoo  when she was four months old and she loved the peacocks but noticed little else. It was too close to naptime and in the upper nineties. Many of the animals were hiding. Spring is perfect zoo time!
We have made the best of feed stores though:

Cary Grant films...I must watch one Cary Grant movie daily and have seen quite a few, from his earliest works to Walk Don't Run.  Penny Serenade is my new favoriteI remember how George Clooney was always being compared to Cary Grant but I never agreed with that. Cary Grant stood a full inch over six feet tall (probably looked taller and more dashing in a tux) and George Clooney is five feet, eleven inches... to start. All that went into making Cary Grant was gone by the time George Clooney came around. Different worlds create different men.

I recently discovered Williams-Sonoma sells everything you need for beekeeping, backyard flocks, kombucha brewing and more. I hope this means we are becoming more agrarian. When my thoughts turn to nesting they rarely include a couch, patio sets or stemware but are of goat keeping, cheese making, efficient composters, beehives and of course chickens. The chicken coops they sell are as pretty as the ones I have seen for sale in England and Australia.


Blogger ♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

a petting zoo.. i guess i know where you're calling from. picture 5 with august and doll, a little wayward in august's dress, is just so intimate... depicts perfectly what you describe.

i agree different worlds do create different men. temporarily too, i think.

you've always had a knack for home farming, may i call it that? perhaps it's time. it sounds like it is time. that juice i'm trying though!

Friday, March 29, 2013  

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