Easter, one week later...

August is keeping me busy, very busy, so busy in fact, I had no time all week to reflect on our first Easter until today. Still finding bits of confetti in odd places. Easter Sunday was a beautiful, warm day, what followed were three days of cold rain.  As you know, time in Beatsville moves slow,  last Sunday already feels like a month ago.

On Easter morning, August got up and found that over night she was visited by the Easter Bunny. Easter Bunny 2013 is a cute lil guy named Marty. Every year they nominate and vote on a different bunny...but you know that. Marty brought her three books to gnaw on, six eggs and a toy bunny he claims is the perfect likeness of him. August loved her gifties but I have to say, she loved the eggs most of all. In fact, she started placing them about the room as soon as she got her hands on them. Made us wonder how she knew that is what you sort of do with Easter eggs.

We brunched on special, Easter migas and fruit salad before taking August to the park for a tiny egg hunt.  Jacob and I then broke cascarones on each other, expecting huge belly laughs from August. She, however, was not impressed and was ready for a nap. Even so,  she managed to amaze us with her new found climbing skills before leaving the park. Oh dear...and so, busy days.



Anonymous Francesca said...

an almost one year old baby can keep two adults very busy all the time!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013  

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