Two weeks ago or so, August and I were outside and I picked dandelions and showed her how to make wishes.  She smiled and giggled as I'd blow on them and pointed out the little white puffs flying off. I didn't think they made much of an impression, she became distracted. Something for later, I thought, when she's a bit older.  On Saturday night, under the full moon, Jacob picked a dandelion and was about to  show August it's magic when she surprised us all by blowing on it! Dandelions became even more special that night.

In fact, August makes so many things  I don't even want to like, special. Take for instance, this backwards, little town in Oklahoma where she has spent half her life now. It isn't a place I want to hold close, however, I know I will fondly recall it because it is where August learned to walk, talk and where we celebrated her first birthday. There are notches on the doorway in the bathroom where I dug my nail into the wood to mark her growth. I do it while she waits for her bath to fill and when I think she has stretched a bit. She has grown 2.5 inches since we arrived. I will miss this house when it is time for us to get back on the road.



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