Mother and child

August has pulled me out of the world I was once in. I have entered her world of wonder and find myself pondering things that are far removed from the concerns of the average, everyday, adult life. 
The two of us seem to transcend time. We left Oklahoma over a week ago, it feels like a month ago, ages ago... a long time ago. 

Yesterday we had a small party, just us and her sister cousin. I put up decorations, made us cupcakes, we put on our nice dresses, some Sinatra and we laughed at each other, took pictures, danced. I couldn't tell you what time it was or how long it lasted, that is a bit magical. Being able to stay home with August and live a life removed from the ordinary is a luxury I am grateful for. I love my days with August, something otherworldly happens to me around her.  She inspires and leaves me transformed, constantly. This is the mother and child relationship for now.



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