Home again, home again...

On our windowsill sits a basil plant August loves to smell, my favorite photo of Jacob and me, taken on my birthday two years ago and a stack of paperbacks about everything from raw food to Montessori and toddlers. We are at the place we call home in Texas. Here, the stars shine brightly, you can see them twinkle on clear nights, hummingbirds zoom past and dragonflies conduct freeform maneuvers overhead. New, is the flock of wood storks that now gather on a tiny island in the lake every afternoon.

My first morning back, I walked to the pier and stared at the lake. A little, blue dragonfly decided to sit on my thumb. It was the first time I ever looked at a dragonfly so closely. He had what looked like two huge eyes, a tiny black nose and a mouth that I believed could possibly produce a smile. I've already had one dream about the old rental in Oklahoma and I saw the neighbor walking towards me from far, far away. I then woke up to August laughing and smiling saying,"Eyes".


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Sunday, October 06, 2013  

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