The IN in minutiae

*Warm milk spiced with cardamon, ginger, cinnamon and pepper
*Hot lemon water {sometimes with orange blossom honey}: First thing in the morning
*Spanish immersion with August
*The Wizard of OZ: Because, because, because, because because...
*Making up my own cookie recipes: Not writing them down ensures a delicious and magical, one time gastronomic happening, but oh and learn. The gluten-free, light as a feather, almond cookies with cherry preserve centers were awesome and only encourage more such creations.
*Procuring the books on my wishlist one way or another
*Playing with dolls: Making dresses, planning trips to a specific stall at a San Antonio flea market just to purchase some doll clothes, socks and shoes...
*Meditation Malas: Inspiration
*Greta Gerwig: Girl crush
*The Dobie Gillis Show
*Bringing back those things I loved but have forgotten about...Like The Dobie Gillis Show, letter writing, wax stamps on letters, a box of worry dolls by my bed and aromatherapy
*Less is more: Especially in terms of a wardrobe
*Introducing musicals to August
*Singing every song I know...and I know a lot of songs: I found two people who LOVE my voice so much, I can finally stop singing in my "head voice" and start belting them out freely!
*Mindy Kaling: Girl crush
*Just stretching
*Mexican earrings {through the ages}
*Trusting the universe
*Finally purging all those blueprints and ideas that, up until now, have not worked.
*Broths, stocks and soups
*Vintage nursery planters
*Art, creating, crafting: Now that August will be two in a few months, we can dive into it all and never look back
*Tending to those cravings for greens and fruits more


Blogger ♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

especially those blueprints, {orange water} honey.
but wait a minute!
you're doing it!

Friday, January 17, 2014  

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