Egg salad sandwiches and other stuff

My friend Bonnie introduced me to the divine egg salad sandwich found at the Kosher HEB deli. It is so delish! Tell them to burn your bread (rye) and then ask for black olives, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and sprouts to be added to the egg salad (prepared fresh). If you have room for dessert get Green's Kosher Cinnamon Babka. I had this on Sunday and had to return Tuesday for it again. It is so addictive.

Teaching my friends how to knit has been fun and I'm way more patient than I ever thought possible. I should be so patient with myself. It took two hours to teach them how to cast on the way my Abuelita taught me-using one needle- but once they got it I was proud of them. Looking forward to the next lesson which is actually knitting and hoping they are perfecting their casting on.

The Beat exhibit at HRC struck me as tiny at first but it's actually more extensive than it appears. Seeing the handwritten and typed letters from Ginsberg to Kerouac, Orvlosky's diary and Cassady's letter to his wife...wowsers, moving. There is so much more. If you want to see everything it takes more than an hour. They don't have enough photos but what they do have a lot of is the personal correspondence. The Kerouac scroll arrives on the 7th and 20 feet of it will be displayed.

Been thinking of kite flying. One Sunday afternoon my grandfather and us kids flew kites in his front yard. It is a huge front yard (he actually made us a putt-putt golf course there once) and perfect for kite flying. The kites were homemade using paper bags from the grocery store and some thin sticks possibly from a store bought kite that had died. He made us sorts of toys, kites, toy guns that shot rubber bands, sling shots... All afternoon we were outside flying kites and I remember how very happy he seemed and how very happy we felt. It was a really windy day and I remember how the string tugged and how it was surprisingly strong to the point that he had to help me keep my arm from flying off. It was the sort of wind that whipped through your ears and made it hard to hear anything. The sun was shining in my eyes and I looked at my grandfather and he was looking up with his hair flying and he had the biggest smile. He was running around and seemed so young to me that afternoon. He was young. He was only 56, but being my grandad, that was old to me at the time. My mother took a photo of us all that day and it really captured more than the day, it captured my whole childhood with my grandad.

PS: It is amazing how much attention my previous entry got. I received emails from friends and strangers inquiring on the mysterious guy I was flirting with. Mr C. refers to my awesome husband. So yeah, you weren't the only one wondering, teehee.