The sad story of August's gingerbread man...

Early Friday morning, before the moon went to bed and the rooster crowed, a little gingerbread man was born along with dozens and dozens of others. They would all taste the same because they were made out of the same ingredients but each one looked slightly different from the other. As they were placed in their new temporary homes behind glass in the bakery, these little brothers, all from the same bowl of sweet, gingery batter were about to embark on the only adventure they'd have in their short lives. This is the story of August's gingerbread man.

August and her family went to the bakery on Friday afternoon looking for a pastry to eat the next morning. There in the display case were dozens of beautifully decorated Christmas cookies. Mommy thought August would love to have a gingerbread man since she never had one before. The man behind the counter picked him out. Only one. The little gingerbread man said goodbye to his friends and wondered if he'd become a Christmas decoration, hanging on a ribbon well past the new year, becoming too hard and stale to eat and thrown away. This was what most gingerbread men had hoped for, to harden and have a life beyond Christmas where they'd get thrown away and could have more than one adventure in heir short lives.

August fell in love with her gingerbread man as soon as she took him out of the it's little brown wax bag. Mommy smelled him and suddenly all the Christmas gingerbread men she knew were dancing in her head and reminding her of all her childhood Christmases. She said he even looked like the gingerbread she use to know with five little raisins: two for his eyes and three lil buttons. 

August smelled her little gingerbread man and then gave him a kiss, then another and another. August was falling in love with him and the gingerbread man began to imagine a life past Christmas filled with adventures, becoming too hard to ever be eaten. He settled into August's soft, little hand and looked into her eyes making her fall more and more in love. Papi asked August how her gingerbread man tasted but she only kissed him. Mommy asked if the gingerbread man was yummy but August only kissed him some more.

August sang to her gingerbread man Christmas songs she knew and made him dance on her lap. She smiled at him, held him tightly and kissed him. But she held him too tightly, suddenly her gingerbread man lost part of his arm. August picked it up and looked at Mommy sadly. Mommy said it was okay he was a cookie not a broken doll. When the gingerbread man heard this he knew he would never live past Christmas now and prepared to become a future Christmas memory. He thought of the hot oven where he'd been only a few hours ago and that was the last thought this little gingerbread man ever had and he quickly became a Christmas memory.


Blogger jgy said...

Such a sweet story! I love the tale of the gingerbread man, actually I think he was very happy to have met August for that brief bit of gingerbread eternity. And he was so loved that he surely will become like a seed of love that will grow over the coming year!! Actually, I am deep into gingerbread baking for the holidays, so I can really feel for your story!! Hopefully I will post some of my gingerbread by christmas if I can take a break from baking!!♡

Sunday, December 21, 2014  
Blogger moonshinejunkyard said...

Haha! I love this! And I love the order in which she chose to eat him; I see she ate the good stuff first, and of course licked her fingers clean. Good girl August! Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014  
Blogger ♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

hee hee. although the sadness holds me in a spell too. ha, the imagination, when all things can feel and therefore be happy or hurt... it is lovely you guys play along, i've loved this x-masstory, t. now write 'em all down on your typewriter! X
and merry x-mas,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014  

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