Polish Clothespin Dolls

I  have four Polish clothespin dolls that I acquired last year. These are mine, not August's. I find them so cute and appealing. They were bought with transformation in mind. After a year I have grown very fond of their well worn looks, crazy hair and that lovable look of surprise. Last year August and I played with them, making up stories for them and I took pictures. This comes close to the story we had going.

Hans, Peggy, Nancy and Peter left their little nook in the cupboard where they lived above the spices and behind the tea tins. It was a pretty day, the sunlight beamed in through the cracks in their cupboard door. Peggy and Hans set out cautiously after Nancy and Peter who were already enjoying a  view outside. Peggy was the most frightened on of all.

Once the friends came together under the big shade tree on such a beautiful day, Peggy started to lose her fears. She became completely unafraid and found that she enjoyed climbing trees to get a better view of the birds and squirrels. She wanted to climb higher and higher but Peter told her there was not enough time to explore the entire tree and they had to return to the cupboard before supper.

They hopped on and off rocks, smelled flowers and watched the clouds change shapes. Peggy was so happy to feel so brave, and she was enjoying the outing so much she started to sing for joy. She sang louder and louder and louder. Nancy, Hans and Peter laughed and tried to get Peggy to quiet down. She was disturbing their new friends.

It was hard to get Peggy to return home. She started to play tag, she became difficult and whined about how stuffy and dark the cupboard was. She said they had to catch her to take her home.

Nancy told her it was now spring and they didn't have to stay in the cupboard all the time. They could have outings every day now.

So the friends returned to their homes with plenty to fill their dreams.


Blogger Francesca said...

it reads like a little book - with illustrations to go with the story! what a nice idea, to make story books like this.

Sunday, April 05, 2015  

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