July 4th 2015

Fiery, colorful chrysanthemums, exploding in the sky above us. A sizzle and a whistle then a boom gives birth to a bright, red dandelion, then a fizzle and fade. August screaming with delight, pointing out the fireworks to those around her..this was July 4th 2015.

We took a blanket and set out, telling August she would hear the symphony, see violins and then watch a real "fireworks show". Once we approached the bridge downtown, on the other side were people, tons of people, a massive collection of bodies, a daunting crowd. We decided to stay just where we were and it turned out to be the perfect spot once the fireworks began. As we waited for the show I heard the different languages that were being spoken around me. I felt embraced by the crowd that was now quickly forming around us, all of them strangers feeling like friends. I don't usually enjoy such crowded events but found myself moved by it all.


Blogger jgy said...

Happy Fourth of July!
And Happy Tanabata! (a holiday July 7 in Japan, the festival of two stars that meet every year in the sky). Just thought to add that since you were enjoying all the languages, and as I am late for July 4th:))

Wednesday, July 08, 2015  
Blogger Tera said...

Happy Tanabata!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015  

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