Confettti, Bubbles and Paper Dolls

I have often thought of ending this blog and starting all over again with the blog title:Confetti, Bubbles and Paper Dolls. For me it captures where I seem to be at the moment, the colors, the festive activities, bubble blowing under blue skies and the endless parade of paper dolls we seem to have around here lately. "Lately" is the key word. It will all change... eventually. August has already said that she no longer wants to be a Fairy Princess Ballerina when she grows up but a teacher. I was impressed but a little piece of my heart cried for the recent loss of the noble Fairy Princess Ballerina profession that she had created.

School is around the corner and I find myself with the very same butterflies I had when I was four and told I was to start school in a year. I remember how it would fill me with anxiety because I understood it as a loss of freedom. No more playing, no more Mommy all day long, no more baby brother. I didn't find the idea of a teacher, new children and being in one place all day long very exciting. I was a shy kid who enjoyed my very own land of make believe that would take off after I'd watch Mr Rogers. I spoke and danced with trees, I would often fly, my tricycle would kick up dust as I traveled from one universe into another using "freeways", I'd chew on clover and play with rolliepollies, mud pies...

Every morning I wake up to this little voice who has all these plans for the day. Our mornings have these sweet and gentle starts. Her plans usually get carried out but when they don't because I'm tangled and knotted up with busy work phone calls, paper work and unhappy errands to do...I get that anxious feeling. Exclusive August & Mommy days will be especially missed by me once they are gone. I'm in no hurry to send her off to school. So when she wants to make paper dolls, we make paper dolls. Sometimes we try to send them to space.

Getting back to the title of this blog, I just realized: Beatsville, beat, it's still fits. She has now said that she wants to be a Ballerina Teacher.


Blogger Holly said...

I long for the early childhood days with my kids. Two are teens, one is a preteen, and the youngest is five.They all seem to be wrapped up in the technological world and I wish they had my childhood of play and exploration in the real world. We shall see how summer goes now that their all out of school. Enjoy that ballerina teacher of yours and her sense of wonder.

Thursday, June 16, 2016  
Blogger Tera said...

A good tree always got me out of the house as a pre-teen and teen. Kites, fossil hunting, flower pressing and all sorts of experimenting like making a homemade radio and going outside a block or so to test out broadcasting. I don't know how things will be in six years or more. I hope I can continue to keep August interested. But yeah for now....I enjoy it all I can.

Friday, June 17, 2016  

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