It's the kind of mess...

While in the middle oft trying to clean the kitchen after lunch and at the same time picking up several rooms, I remembered I wanted to print out a few things off Pinterest. So I stopped dealing with messes. In doing so I ran across a cute photo of a handmade stuffed kitty in a giveaway and then patterns for hand puppets. In my highly disorganized and distracted state, I went to the hall closet and pulled out the felt and embroidery thread. I set out to make a kitty puppet because August had just said she really loved that  handmade stuffed kitty. While I couldn't whip up a stuffed animal without buying material, I was able to create a cute little felt copycat in puppet form.

August was long gone. She was dragging back the blocks I had just picked up from the living room floor, while I put together something I wasn't at all sure was a big waste of time. It was definitely creative procrastination. I messed up the clean dining room table in seconds. Felt pieces and thread falling on the floor I just swept. I thought, this is definitely a form of procrastination and prolonging my list of messes to clean. I always want a clean house by Friday.

The result brought a smile to my face. I loved what I just made. While it wasn't wholly original, I did copy the face, I was happy with what I whipped up in just a few minutes. My child, who I thought wasn't paying attention, actually was and came running saying,"It's finished, my kitty is finished?" She grabbed it from hand and said,"I love her, Mommy, thank you, lets play!" So we did. When Papi came home she proudly showed him what I made for her.

I then picked up the space and returned it to a dining room table. The rest of the house eventually fell into place at a slower pace but I was newly recharged. I felt good, better. I have to make something, anything, every day I need to bring out scissors and glue or thread and fabric and just make something. Long projects requiring several days of dedication don't come along often but I did recently make myself a shirt. I have made the biggest messes but in those creative messes comes complete relaxation and recharge. If a mess makes you happy, then by all means make that happy mess.


Anonymous Sophie said...

That's adorable! She is so happy! Much better than some toy at the shop and less expensive too. Well done!

Monday, June 27, 2016  
Blogger Holly said...

Ohh that is so cute. Cheers to the messes that bring out creative release.

Saturday, July 02, 2016  
Blogger likeschocolate said...

One happy little girl! Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 08, 2016  

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