After some stories and some of my singing, it's the Leslie Odom Jr. Christmas album that finally puts August to sleep. Those songs always remind me of a lonely aisle in a Giant Food Store, in Baltimore. Its a very brief memory. It's dark outside, it's a Saturday, coming to an end around 8pm. I was pregnant and hunting for healthy snack foods. There was music, something like the Leslie Odom Jr. Christmas album, playing above me. It was cold and and I was enjoying the fall, happy and pregnant, in a place I had never been before. It was a long time ago, five years into the past.

Once August does her big sigh, I know she is fast asleep and I turn the music off, what lingers is Baltimore. Then I remember driving around the city alone, up and down Reistertown Rd, but never feeling alone. My lunches at the Indian Restaurant on Security Boulevard, my walks to the Price Rite for olives, broccoli and lemons, A quiet and happy time.


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