A Grey Garden's Christmas and other minutiae

I have seen Grey Garden's over and over and over. Imagine my excitement when I discovered my friend had not seen it once! Yay! So I've invited her over for a Grey Garden's Christmas evening. We will watch the Maysles follow the Edies around and snack on crackers with spreads. Thought it would be a nice homage to how Big and Little Edie ate per the doc. No boiled corn but we'll have Christmas cocktail foods made from authentic 70's recipes and I'll take my cocktail in a mason jar.

I've always wanted to have a Grey Garden's party. I'd like it in a half empty, old house (with cats roaming?), boiled corn, pate on crackers, cake, ice cream, cocktails in mason jars and the movie running on a 16 mm projected on a wall. Of course you must dress like an Edie or Maysles brother. Maybe when I turn 50 this will be my over the hill themed party, sans the cats and raccoons. We have four already so that's enough.

This year the plan is homemade peppermint cocoa, homemade marshmallows, gingerbread men, gingerbread cake and still sorting out what cookies to bake.... stuffed mushrooms, various, yummy, balled up cocktail foods, teehee (the kitsch factor in that is tremendous and tres nostalgic for me).

Basically the season really kicks off today after work.

Tiki Monkey Christmas!

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