"Play that one again..."

August loves David Bowie, she can sing Quicksand. "Freddy Mercury has the most beautiful voice, like an opera singer", is something she has said more than once. She had an entire office in stitches when she asked the owner of the loan company who he liked more, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones and when he said he liked both she said,"Well, I love the 'Shangalas' and Ronettes more because they are girls."

Recently she's discovered Nico and said,"I like this happysad music she sings, Mommy." It is happysad music, and it's also incredibly cute when a four, {recently turned}five year old tries hard to imitate Nico, attempting precocious lower octaves with such a serious expression.

The Monkees, Badfinger (The Beatles, as she calls them) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Carpenters... It's Nancy Sinatra and The Captain and Tennille who she has been really idolizing these days. She belts out Love Will Keep Us Together more like Ethel Merman but she's trying hard to capture that sugary confidence and enthusiasm of Tennille. It's singing all day long around here. She sings Georgy Girl and The Sounds of Silence along with old RC commercial jingles as if they were brand new. I don't have the heart to tell her we are listening to somewhat ancient tunes. They aren't to her.

I pulled out an old Gal's Panic CD and played her their cover of the Carpenters' We've Only Just Begun and she loved it! She then asked if it was The Aquabats. I told her they were not but I could hear how they could easily be. I love how she is able to compare and find similarities between songs she hears. Last year she was always telling me things like how Heroes sounds very much like Teenage Wildlife to her.

She's proclaimed the following songs to be about us: Theme song to Laverne and Shirley {very empowering played loudly first thing in the morning} and Two of Us by The Beatles because we were heading home when it came on over the radio. She made me replay Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds over and over on a ten mile drive across town the other day. I do enjoy talking about music with this child and enjoy sharing my records with her but listening to the radio as we drive around town is one of my favorite things to do. She's fallen in love with jazz that way.


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